The Lid is a patented dust entrainment system that decreases over 75% of the free dust being lost during the loading process of TMR mixers. It is built on the concept of using baffles to slow down exchange air that is being lost while loading ingredients in any type of TMR mixer.

Increase Ration Accuracy

      • By retaining more ingredients that are loaded
      • Preventing the mixer from being overloaded, which causes the mixer to not mix the ration properly
      • Requires the mixer be loaded in the center of the mixer allowing proper distribution of ingredients in the mixer promoting proper mixing

Reduces Dust

      • Reduce the environmental exposure to dust being omitted from the feed mixing process by reducing approximately 75% by weight of dust escaping the mixer during the loading process. (This can vary based off ration or ingredients being loaded)
      • Retains expensive ingredients that are lightweight and can blow away during loading
      • Improves working environment for employees
      • Cleaner air for equipment to operate in will increase life of equipment
      • Reduce the opportunity of fire hazard